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My account says it's disabled. How do I reinstate my account?

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My account says it's disabled. How do I reinstate my account?

Post by Zellogi on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:27 pm

If you were disabled, it was for one of these reasons:
•You posted something inappropriate to the forum even after being warned.
•You have not logged on for a long time.
•You have harassed a member (or members) of the forum and have been disabled as a result.

"But Zell, I want to come back to the forum and participate in the discussions!"

Ok, then send me an E-Mail. Explain why you think you were disabled, and what you'll do to change that reason. I will enable your account again if you seem trusting enough.


Credit goes to Danni for the animated stamp. :3
Founder Zellogi
Founder Zellogi

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