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I am not registered.Tell me why I should register.

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I am not registered.Tell me why I should register.

Post by Zellogi on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:53 am

Well, if you want access to any other part of the forum, registration is a must! We don't let just anyone view what we have, some of it is signature and we want to prevent thieves from stealing what's on this site.
During registration, you will be asked the following questions:

* = Required

Username* - What you would like to be known as on the forum.
E-Mail Address* - Your E-Mail address so you can get any desired E-Mails.
*NOTE* You must enter an e-mail address so you get your account activation e-mail.
Password* - Your desired password. Remember this so you can log in to the forum. If you forget your password, e-mail an administrator your username and we will be glad to reset your password.
(Other Information)
Gender* - Are you a boy or a girl?
Birthday* - Your birthday, in the Day/Month/Year format.
Favorite Pokemon* - Your favorite Pokemon.
Friend Code* - Your Wi-Fi Friend Code. Please enter it in the 0000-0000-0000 (game) format.
*NOTE* If you do not know, or have, a friend code, feel free to enter N/A
Favorite Pokemon Game* - Your favorite Pokemon Game.
(Forum Pet Options)
My Pokemon* - Select your Pokemon Pet from the list available.1
Name* - The name of your pet. It can be anything as long as it isn't inappropriate or offensive.
Type 1* - The first type of your pet. Please follow the normal types for that Pokemon unless it is a customly made Pokemon.

After you fill this out and activate your account, you'll notice there is a second type in your "information" tab of your profile. This is the secondary type of the pet. There is also stats your pet has. These are only modifiable by administrators, and you can see them by purchasing stat points with Poke, this forum's currency.
If you have any further questions regarding registrations, feel free to contact me.

Head Admin of PokeWorld

1 = If the Pokemon you want isn't listed, after registration, feel free to suggest adding it to our list. Of course, this requires administration to do so.


Credit goes to Danni for the animated stamp. :3
Founder Zellogi
Founder Zellogi

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